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208                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

no deer nor wild boars left, and the cattle are all
herded, the young wood is getting up again.

The people about here who were pensioners
of the Court and nobility were disappointed in
their hopes of sharing the spoil. The manufac-
turers of porcelain, now established at the former
Government-house of M. de Montmorin, are violent
sans-culottes; but the municipality is composed
of very moderate men, and the commune is very

Yesterday, high mass, Tenebrce and Salut, was
solemnized at the parish church with as much
pomp as ever, and the church was crowded.
There is no salary for the priest, but a collection
is made.

The havoc made in the woods Is great, because
everyone enters them that chooses, and, under
pretence of getting dead wood, they hack and
break everything. It is a pity to see noble juni-
pers broken and torn to pieces.

It is now so long since I have heard from
home that I feel really like an exile. I might as
well be in the East Indies. The Perregaux write
to me every post! which gives a little life to my
epistolary existence. The peace, which is signed,
or nearly signed, with the Emperor,1 will soon
i Peace of Campo Formio,